Who we are

Parish Digital co.

With over 12 year’s  developing technology plans for both the non profit and private sector, building websites and shaping brand identity we feel confident that we can find the best strategy to make your next project successful.

We understand that in today’s small business and non-profit environment a managing your day to day web and IT support isn’t always a priority yet it’s most often the public’s first impression. We want to make sure that your first impression is a productive one, helping you work smarter not harder when engaging your local or online community.



Understaffed, lacking resources to overhaul your IT department, no tech support, or just want to better leverage your online engagement?

We specialize in finding the perfect in office and online solutions for you. Whether you are developing a small business, a non profit or simply working on a passion project our priority is to remove challenges and identify the solutions that you need to thrive in today's environment.

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Whether you need a complete re-design of your current website or just need a new logo our specialists are here to help make the most of your online presence.

We take our time to produce the best options for you and your brand in a way that is all about your original vision and ongoing success long after our contract ends.
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Now more than ever choosing the right software or platform is just as important as hiring the right people to move your project forward.

We pride ourselves on developing customized solutions for your team to not only gain insights on how your staff interacts with your current systems but to better place them in a position to succeed.
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The only constant in running a business is change, so why should an unforeseen misstep in managing your day to day IT be an event that could snowball into something that throws you out of your rhythm.

We aim to take the hard part out of keeping your systems running by offering crisis planning, data recovery and remote and local IT support.